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Creating Sweet Treat Layout from the Cherry Limeade Kit:

by Oletta Branstiter

*Suggestion: Print out instructions and have handy by your computer as you go through the steps!

1. Download Cherry Limeade Digital Kit to your graphics file.


2. Open graphics program.


3. Select from graphics file, stretch, and place Cherry Limeade Pulp Paper onto 12x12 canvas. (Remember, to maintain proper dimensions of a graphic, drag corners to size and stretch!)


4. Select, size, and place Napkin Paper onto upper left 2/3 of the background.


5. Import photo, place in center of Napkin graphic.


6. Select and crop Red Bubbles Ribbon to ¼ length, duplicate, and place at angle on upper left corner of photo.


7. Select Lime Button, size, and place on upper left corner of photo, over ends of ribbons.


8. Select Lime Slices Paper, crop with rounded corners, size, and place at slight angle to upper right of photo.


9. Select Cherry Button graphic, add to upper right of Lime Slices “tag”.


10. Using Text application, select Curlz font (or preferred font), type title, size and place on Lime Slices “tag”.


11. Select, size and place In The Cup graphic onto Cherry Limeade Pulp background to lower right of photo.


12. Select, crop a row and stretch Cherries graphic to form a ribbon under In the Cup graphic, across the width of the canvas. (Background may turn white.)


13. Select Red Checked Ribbon, place and stretch graphic across width of canvas under Cherries “ribbon”.


14. Select Lime Bubbles Ribbon graphic, place and stretch graphic across width of canvas.


15. Select Cherry Paper, shrink to button size and place toward the left of Cherries “ribbon”.


16. Select Lime Oval Slide, shrink to create a “buckle” for Red Checked ribbon.


17. Select Red Circle Slide, shrink to create a “buckle” for Lime Bubbles ribbon.


These are directions to copy my layout. Play with the graphics to create your own refreshing summery canvas, perfectly designed for your photo memory!


*Reminder: all digital papers and elements can be used in many creative ways, including cards, tags, etc.


Cherry Limeade kit:


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