Storybooking Chart





Language Arts

Alphabet Book

Items that match each letter of alphabet


Character/Scenes Studies

Gather and organize images or information about characters or scenes interpreting or representing what is found from reading a book


Favorite Authors or books

Gather reviews, articles, or biographic pictures or information 


Poetry Collection

Gather poems (favorites/thematic/types)


Type of Books

Selected titles (reviews/articles) with common theme or of particular genre



Words in use/images that illustrate or describe



Picture examples of different kinds of coinage


Currency.- Foreign

Picture examples of clippings showing exchange rate


Currency -Retail

Ads or articles showing prices for different items (i.e. items from catalog order showing what can be purchased for particular amount)



Tables showing spending power at different times – current to past or daily over set period


Famous Mathematicians

Research for articles and pictures about lives and reason for fame


Geometry Concepts

Geometric shapes found in images/Illustrations for common shapes/Examples of applications in everyday life


Number Recognition

Like Alphabet book… images illustrating basic numbers


Number Systems 

Visual comparisons of objects using different types of numbering systems


Units of Measure

Images showing common and unusual units of measures/everyday uses of different types of measures

Science & Health


Gather pictures and articles about a particular type/group


Inventions & inventors

Current or historic examples of specific items – pictures/articles/applications


Light & colors

Gather and organizing picture examples meeting specific criteria 



Articles/Pictures/Charts from food packages



Pictures of types or examples of botanical terms



Articles/illustrations of different issues



Picture examples/diagrams/articles


Space exploration

Articles/pictures (historic/current)



Charts/weather maps/statistics




Social Studies

Community Events

Gather images/articles/memorabilia from local events


Current Events

Gather multiple articles 


Different Cultures

Gather images/items/examples of  publications showing general or specific aspects of culture



Current or historic collection of pictures/documents/items about family


Famous People

Collection of pictures and other available information showing certain aspects of individuals life or reason for fame



Gather articles/pictures/publications about part of government in local, state, and national scene.


News Makers 

Chronicle key faces in the news for specific period of time (images/articles/audio or video)



Gather maps of different kinds/or historic map images for the same location

Fine Arts


Images showing examples of layout design/uses of color/graphics/text styles (current/historic)


Famous artists

Gather examples of artwork for artist/periods in artists life/two similar or different artists/biographical articles and pictures



Reviews/images from individual or groups of films meeting assigned criteria.


Graphic images or elements

Gather images that illustrate

principles/terminology use in art world


Musical instruments

Images and articles/diagrams for specific or general instruments



Images of evolution of equipment/photographs/famous pictures/or uses


Type of music (genre/era)

Ads and reviews of music types/audio files or sheet music illustrating examples.


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