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Scrapbooking Supplies

Are you costing yourself too much money on scrapbooking supplies? Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby, not only are you preserving your memories but it’s a great stress reliever.  Read on to learn more about becoming a serious scrapbooker.

Scrapbooking Supplies

By: Vera Raposo

Ways to Be A Serious Scrapbooker

Are you costing yourself too much money on scrapbooking supplies? Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby, not only are you preserving your memories but it’s a great stress reliever.

But, how much are you spending on your hobby?

Are you buying extra items that you plan on using later? What are your plans? Goals? How many projects are you currently working on? Jumping from project to project can distract you from your main purpose, and that’s to complete your albums.

Setting up and executing a plan to reach your goals is important I mean, actually focus on the task at hand. What steps will it take you to get your end result?

Scrapbooking is a lot of fun but let’s be serious for a moment. Your grandchildren are going to cherish all those memories you wrote down for them to read. This is far more valuable than anything. You are leaving a legacy for future generations.

Are you proud of your albums? Of course you are, so why not set some goals to get more albums completed.

So let’s talk about what time you devote to your albums. Are you going to workshops where you have nothing to do but work on your albums? Or are you sitting at home with supplies everywhere and your children running around.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about scrapbooking at home, just make sure it’s effective.

Start by making a schedule of the time you will dedicate to your scrapbooking. Which workshops will you attend? How many hours will you set aside for scrapbooking at home? You should have a planner that has all events, appointments, and day-to-day tasks that you need done. If you don’t have a plan in place you won’t know where you want to go.

Don’t be afraid to schedule in time for your hobby. This is not only a time to unwind for yourself, you will also feel great about what you accomplished.

By focusing on your goals, and the steps you need to take to reach those goals you will be extremely focused and will get lots done in your album.

You should also take time to educate yourself on new techniques. Learn at least one new thing at each workshop, write it down and apply it for your future pages. Read magazines and learn what others have done.

Clean up your workspace after you’re done for the day. Keep your layouts that you’re working on in a separate album box. If you’re blessed to have your own hobby room, don’t just let that be your ticket to not putting anything away. If you leave you projects lying around everywhere, you will quickly get overwhelmed.

Remember the #1 goal for you is to get your albums complete. So start writing down your plans. Here are some guidelines for you to follow:

Carry only necessary items for your specific layouts you will work on Decide whom you will attend with. You may want to go on your own so you can get more done

Set goals for how many pages you want finished by the end of the workshop At home, wait until you have the opportunity to work un-disturbed.

Article by:

Vera Raposo has been scrapbooking since her oldest child was 5. With tons of scrapbooking tips and ideas, Vera is now sharing some of her best scrapbooking ideas for your new baby in her newsletter

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