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Scrapbooking Without Photos

Have you ever wanted to remember and scrapbook a special moment, but didn't have any pictures of the event?  Who says you have to have pictures to scrapbook?  You can still remember with your journaling and embellish to further the theme.  The following article expands upon this idea.

Can you Scrapbook Without Photos?

There are several scenarios where you may not have photos, yet still want to scrap the memory.  I could be standing and watching the birthday candles being blown out with a smile on my face and then realize the camera in my hand or around my neck.  Yes, this has happened to me.  That is why I am not the photographer of the family!  Perhaps you do have the camera and are ready to go, but just missed it.  I remember a time at the zoo trying to capture a particular animal that kept running by and all I could capture was the back end.  Another reason for not having photos may be the photos were damaged or lost.  Whatever your reason doesn't mean you cannot scrap the memory anyway.

One more thought, consider recreating the moment.  We were camping this past summer and it had been raining all morning.  Once the rain let up, my 5 year was running around and slipped in the mud.  We went up to the bath house to rinse her off.  Being outdoors, daddy longlegs were everywhere and she was afraid to go in the shower area.  I grabbed her hands, knelt down and prayed with her for God to protect her and take away her fear.  After the prayer, she immediately showered off.  But she didn't want to leave, she wanted to say "bye" to the daddy long legs and even try to touch it.  Boy, do I wish I had my camera with me!  When we returned to the campsite, I discovered the camera batteries were dead.  I borrowed my brother-in-law's camera phone and headed back to the shower house.  Of course, the daddy longlegs was gone but I did notice some in a different spot.  So we set up a photo shoot.  I got a close up of just the spider and then another shot with my daughter and about 3 around her head.  Then for fun she pointed at one and had a terrified look on her face.  We recreated the scene to remember the moment.  By the way, I am still waiting to get those pictures from my brother in law!

For scrapbooking without photos, you will need to rely heavily on the journaling.  Your journaling will need to provide word pictures and enough details so that the reader can picture it in their mind.  Could you almost picture my daughter and the look on her face?  (If not, please let me know so I can explain it better.) When you have a rough draft of your journaling, let someone else read it who doesn't know anything about the particular event.  See if they can experience it without having to see it.  There are many scrapbook forums and I'm sure someone would be willing to give you feedback.

Along with your journaling to tell the story, you can use embellishments to further enhance it.  In my example above, I could use camping and daddy long legs stickers and other embellishments.  Perhaps a neat title embellished with spiders as well.  The background paper could look muddy to bring out the mud from the story.

Scrapbook using memorabilia.  Have you ever been to a play or musical where cameras were not allowed?  (and you forgot it anyway)  You can scrap the program and ticket stubs.  Some programs will have pictures in them of a different scenes.  You can cut these out and use them for your photographs.  Again use stickers and embellishments to further the theme.  If you are in a tourist type spot, look for postcards.  They are inexpensive and provide beautiful photos without the hassle.

Another idea is to use paper dolls or die cuts of people.  You can customize them to look like the person who you are telling the story about.  Dress them similarly, hair and eye color, etc.  Give the doll something to hold to enhance the story.  I actually read this idea somewhere, but can't remember where.

The next time you want to record a special memory and don't have photos, don't let that stop you!  Remember why you scrapbook to begin with.  The important thing is to record the memory. 

Recomended Resources for Scrapbooking Without Photos:

*When you don't have photos, you should concentrate on the journaling.  Here are some resources to aid you in your scrapbook journaling.

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