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Scrapbook Styles

Spectacular Scrapbook Styles
By Marcy Larsen

When starting your scrapbook pages, it is good to remember that no two people scrapbook the same.  Also, no scrapbook pages with turn out exactly the same.  That is because we all have our own personal style that we use. These styles shine through everything on a scrapbook layout, form the use of one color and embellishments to the choice of paper textures and lettering we choose. Your individual style can also change over time as a your you learn new techniques and try different products. All of which is perfectly fine, because there is no right or wrong way to design your scrapbook. As your style changes, your albums take on a new meaning as a unique way to reflect your personality. With that, there are five different categories that your styles fall into.

Classic pages are usually done in darker, solid colors in shades such as navy, burgundy, and forest green along with black and white. Straight lines lend and elegant look that is crisp and clean. This design is simple yet timeless.

The contemporary style "pulls out the stops" with both patterns and accents. The look is clean, with spare lines, and may include a few strong accents or embellishments.

This includes floral patterns, velvets, lace, and usually soft, warm colors. The text is often created using a script or an ornate, embellished lettering.

Playful Charm
This style incorporates complementary colors in muted or bright tones.  Paper with coordinating patterns, checks, dots, strips, and accents such as paper dolls, three dimensional and whimsical accents are common.

Pages with the Naturalist style get "back to Nature" through earth tones, speckled paper, and monochromatic colors.  Naturalist pages often incorporate texture by using handmade papers, fibers such as jute, ripped torn or sanded edges.

With these different styles in mind, remember that there are different levels of complexity to each layout. You can choose from Quick, Intermediate, and Complex.  Quick is simple smooth edges and a title, Intermediate is off setting things a little with slants to the photos and a few extra embellishments, and the Complex is  adding layered borders, cutting shapes with your photos, adding a journal block and finishing it off with embellishments that coordinate with your theme.

Your style will change and grow the more you branch out and try new techniques and styles. You don't have to stick with the same style or the level of complexity, mix it up a bit, you will be happy with your final layout.

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