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A great way to $pend your Anniversary!

by Anissa Wardell

Not too long ago, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary. The thing is, we don't get out very often together, so when we do we try to make it worth it. Well, our plans were to go out of town, but everything was stacked against us. We ended up going to dinner and decided to go shopping. My husband made his first mistake by going into Joanns Fabrics with me. We ended up shopping for stuff to use for my site. At first, he just followed me. Then he saw the 90% off sign. He isn't a shopper, but he is always up for a good deal!  The sign really got him excited! Of course, I love shopping and it's always fun to spend money!

Scream praises to JoAnns Fabrics!!  We went in prepared to spend whatever it took to get the few things we needed.  What we ended up with was 3 large bags full of stuff and we had spent only $100!!  Now, That is my kind of shopping!!  I got the best of both worlds.  I got to go shopping, spend money, and go out to dinner with my husband.  I know that it wasn't what we had set out to do, and my husband would have rather done many other things!

About author:

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a mother of three, two girls and a boy. They keep me very busy!! I am also a big scrapbooking fan!! I would love to be able to scrapbook any time I wanted too! Better yet, I would love to go shopping for days on end and find all the latest gadgets and gizmos and bring them home and put them to work. I love patterned paper and stickers!! I love handcrafted stickers. And, I enjoy putting together my children's scrapbooks.  Scrapbooking is not a pastime; it's a way of LIFE!  Visit me at

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