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Scrapbook Journaling from your Heart

This is a 5 part series on how to journal from your heart.  You can read Part 1 or Part 2 before continuing on to part 3 below.

Help! Your Heart is Missing From Your Scrapbooking Journaling - Part 3
By Fion Lim

Take a quick look at your scrapbook pages.

Does your scrapbooking journaling revolve around marrying photos to the right events and occasions?

Have you missed out issues that hold even greater significance in your and your loved ones' lives even though these issues don't come attached with photos?

Like how your kids gave out happy squeals and jumped up in joy as daddy announced that you'll be buying a bigger house that comes with a garden? Or how relieved and touched you were when your sis offered to take care of your kids, while you and your husband take a short trip to attend a seminar in Dallas?

Not having a photo doesn't mean you can't do a scrapbook layout about the important issues that happened in your life. In fact, such occasions are perfect opportunities to do scrapbooking journaling from your heart.

Surface events have probably contributed to a large part of your scrapbooking journaling already. Isn't it time to do scrapbooking journaling about "invisible" events or issues that don't come with photos?

Let's play a little imagination game.

Fast-forward 10, 15 or whatever years to the day when your son has grown up and more than ready to move out of your house to begin his solo life. Are you starting to get a little teary?

Imagine the expression on your son's face when you handed him a package and you urged him to open it up. Inside the package, he found a scrapbook created by you, of course. You have painstakingly created many layouts for him backtracking to the days since he was a baby..

More amazingly, besides the usual memories of birthday celebrations and annual occasions, you've journal on the important experiences he has gone through even though those occasions didn't come attached with photos. How thankful do you think you son would feel to read about your inner thoughts and interpretations of things? How moved do you think he would be to read about the life lessons you've hoped to instill in him since he was a young boy?

Now, let's do a simple closing eye exercise.

Pick a topic to focus on. Go find a quiet spot where you can close your eyes for a few minutes. During those quiet moments, think about whomever you want to scrapbook about. Perhaps it's your teenage daughter, your grandma or your brother who resides in another state?

Let memories you've shared with that person awash your thoughts. Soak and bask in the warm memories of yesteryears...

During those quiet moments of thoughts, what strikes you the most about this person you've been thinking about?

Could it be the courage your 8-year-old girl showed when she stood up to a bigger kid who pulled her pony tail while playing at the playground? Or could it be the determination displayed by your grandma when she single-handedly brought up her 5 kids when her husband passed away? Or could it be the unshakable bond you and your younger brother shared after many episodes of mischief and how the two of you were forever partners in "crimes"?

What are talents does that someone display that are not captured on film? What makes him or her owns a spot in your heart? After a few minutes, open your eyes and immediately write down the thoughts and feelings that flashed across your mind when you were thinking about your that person.

I know I feel like crying whenever I think about the harsh fact that my aged Maltese doggy will leave me someday. But I also know that my journaling of his antics and description of his ability to stick close to people like a backpack, would sure bring a smile to my face when I read through my scrapbooking journaling on him.

Yes, all these not so grand occasions will likely be missing photographs. But sometimes things like these sure beat other stories you have.

Go ahead and pour your heart into weaving exciting scrapbooking journaling that’ll leave prints forever in your scrapbook pages about these memories without photos.

About the Author:
Fion Lim writes for Great Inspirational Quotes. For scrapbooking quotes, please visit Scrapbooking Quotes.

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This is part 3 in a 5 part series, stay tuned to our weekly newsletter for the remainder of the series...

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