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Scrapbook Journaling from your Heart

This is a 5 part series on how to journaling from your heart.  If you missed part 1, click here.

Help! Your Heart is Missing From Your Scrapbooking Journaling - Part 2
By Fion Lim

Now that you’ve granted yourself permission to scrapbooking journaling from your heart, what’s the next step?

Have you ever sat down and thought about what really matters to you, while you were looking at a photo and holding a pen in your hands?

For me, stuff that counts is normally ordinary, non-spectacular daily happenings. Yet such important stuff got lost in the midst of my struggle to keep my recordings straight for legacy reasons. I admit that I got so engrossed with recalling facts and figures at times, that I missed out on the more important aspect of journaling.

It happens.

Give me a minute and let me see what I cherish.

Oh, the warmth and love I feel in my heart when I drink from the chicken soup lovingly prepared by my mom.

The innocent giggles on my baby niece's face when she responds to my endless chatter and silly faces to make her laughs.

The silly blend of humor my sister and I share, and the fact that she gets it while others don’t quite understand what’s so funny about the situation.

The unwavering support and cheers of my best friend whenever I jump into another project, again.

What about you? What do you cherish?

In your scrapbooking journaling, have you remembered to write down the thousands of hopes and fears you hold for your three beautiful kids?

Have you described the loving act of your husband as he tucks your kids into bed each night, and how thankful you feel to have such a beautiful man in your life?

Have you journal about the weekly calls to your friend from your quilting club to remind you that besides being a stay-at-home mom, you are someone's friend too?

Have you make efforts to write down in your scrapbooking journaling the things that might not come attached with photos, but nevertheless mean the world to you?

Or have you allowed the worries of exposing yourself to the world stopped you short from scrapbooking journaling from your heart? Are you worried that others might laugh at what you’ve written down in those journaling boxes?

I don’t think anyone will be laughing. And if they are, it’ll be laughter of joys. They’ll be gripped with emotions as they read through your thoughtful journaling, painting word pictures in their mind.

Right at this moment, consider bringing your heart to your journaling. Bring your unique perspectives to those pages and make your journaling comes alive with emotions and feelings.

You need to hear your own heart speaking in your scrapbook albums.

Your kids and family need to hear those heartfelt words of yours too.

About the Author:
Fion Lim writes for Great Inspirational Quotes. For scrapbooking quotes, please visit Scrapbooking Quotes.

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This is part 2 in a 5 part series, click for part 3..

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