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If you have a scrapbooking business, you need to stay in touch with your customers.  A newsletter is an effective and inexpensive way to do so.  The following article by Susan Whitehead offers 5 reasons why.  If you are looking for an online means to send your newsletters or an automated option, be sure to check out the recommended resources following the article.

Top 5 Reasons to use a Monthly Email Newsletter

By: Susan Whitehead

If you’re in Direct Sales and have any size customer list (even if it’s only friends and family), you should be sending out a customer newsletter! Why? Well, if you want your business to grow, I’ve got 5 great reasons to get typing!

1. Customers like to know what your business has to offer them! Everyone seems to have the attitude of “What’s in it for me?” So, when you start thinking about a newsletter, you need to keep in mind what it has to offer the customer. A great thing to offer in your newsletter would be company sales promotions! This can be something only available through you and can let your customers know they have a limited time to act on the sale. Most people don’t have the time or effort to keep checking back to your website on a regular basis, but if you send out monthly newsletters, you keep your company’s promos on their minds!

2. Recruit, recruit, recruit! While you might not always feel comfortable recruiting potential team members in person, your newsletter can do some of the work for you! Write about the great products your recruits can get by signing up! Let them know about consultant discounts. Share with them about company incentives. Include photos of the incentive trip you earned! Newsletters are a very non-threatening way to share your business opportunity with others, so why not do it? If you have the capabilities, be sure to include a photo of the starter kit, too! Remember that the people reading your newsletter already like your products. Now you just have to get them excited about turning their love for products into a career they love!

3. Want more parties? You’ll need more hostesses! Just like customers want to know what you have to offer them, most hostesses main motivations for having a direct sales party is to get FREE products. Most companies offer monthly hostess specials that only they can earn. Be sure to mention some of these great products in your newsletter. If your company doesn’t do hostess specials (or even if they do), you can offer your own hostess rewards! Give small gifts for inviting over 40 people or for keeping the original party date, etc. It doesn’t have to be a big freebie…everyone likes something for free! Just try something to get those bookings and watch your calendar fill up!

4. Products you offer often have obvious uses, but what about some of the more “outside the box” uses or project ideas? Have a monthly article sharing some more unusual ways to use your products. For example, if you sell kitchen products, a kitchen tool organizer might also work well from storing craft supplies. If your company sells scrapbook or stamping products, try doing a mini project each month. Not only will customers appreciate more uses for the products they like, but it might just push someone to order the “featured” items!

5. Get some email “face” time! Keeping in touch with your customers is the most important part of newsletters. Yes, you want the sales and the recruits and the hostesses, but if they only have contact with you at the one party they attended, your name will be forgotten and so will all your contact information. When people think about your company, you want YOUR name to be the first one that comes to mind. If you send out newsletters every month, they’ll think of you before anyone else or before going to your company’s main website and search for another consultant!

Newsletters are a simple and inexpensive way to advertise your business. Email newsletter technology has gotten so good now that it’s often more professional looking than a traditional paper one mailed through the Postal Service! Take the time out today to begin writing your own customer newsletter. If you’re too busy or don’t have the “techno” ability to make a professional one, there’s newsletter services for hire, too! Just don’t let a lack of ability keep you from keeping in contact with customers. If you don’t keep in touch, someone else will and instead of your business growing, it will slowly fizzle out!

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For professional email newsletters at affordable prices, visit Find out how you can start keeping in touch with your customer list this month!

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