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Picture a Miracle

by Ronnie Couture

I used to have a desktop publishing business where I would create albums, photo editing, created magazine layouts and covers, as well as the typical desktop publishing services.  The most rewarding work for me happened when a woman brought a photostatic copy of a picture of her great-grandfather.  She asked me if I could do anything with it to improve it, as it was the only picture she had of him.  When I looked at the small piece of paper she handed me.  I thought, "You've got to be kidding!  The top of this man's head is missing, and it was little to no color variation."  I shook my head and began to tell her that I wouldn't be able to help her, as there was so little to work with.  I was about to return the image to her when I looked into her face and watched her last glimmer of hope trickle down her cheek as her unstoppable tears began to fall.  I was going to explain why it wouldn't be possible, but found myself saying that iif she would be willing to sit with me and describe the photograph she had gotten the photostatic copy from, we would see what we could accomplish.  She gave me a big hug and a promise to be back later that day, at the end of business hours.  I can remember thinking, "God, I must be crazy!  If you have an extra miracle, we're going to need one!"  The closer the end of the work day came, the more I wondered what possessed me to tell Elaine I would even try.  Why was I setting her up with false hope?  I'm not God ,,, and He was the only one who would be able to make anything out of that piece of paper. 
Elaine was anxiously waiting for me as I turned the closed sign on my door.  I smiled, as I offered her a seat beside me at my computer.  As I poured us a cup of coffee, I tried to prepare her by telling her how great the odds were against our being able to do much with the image of her great-grandfather.  I also told her that she shouldn't let her hopes get too high.
For the next three days, at the end of business, we would sit down at the computer.  Elaine would tell me what she could remember of the original picture she had gotten the photostatic copy from.  She would also share with me her memories and the stories she had been told about her great-grandfather.  Pixel by pixel, I would make the adjustments and would add the missing details.  Then the moment arrived when we had done as much as we could and the results were to be printed onto premium photographic paper.
Even though it had only been a short time, Elaine and I had formed a warm friendship.  The time we spent together working on the image also gave us the opportunity to share a myriad of thoughts, ideas, memories, and stories from our own lifes.  We both agreed that no matter how the final product turned out, we were both very satisfied with the rewards of our time and efforts.
Two days later, I frantically struggled to release my keys from the door of my shop and rushed to answer the telephone.  "Ronnie!  Ronnie!  It's unbelieveable!", the frantic voice boomed."  "Who is this? ...  Elaine?  What's wrong?," I asked.  "Nothing!  It's great!  You won't believe it!  I can hardly believe it!  My cousin sent me a video that was taken in my grandma's house.  I was watching the video and noticed that the picture that I had gotten my photostatic copy from was in a little frame in the background.  I zoomed in to get a close up of it.   The picture from your computer is almost identical to the one that was in grandma's house!  The only difference is that we gave great-grandpa just a tiny bit more hair on his head! (Great-grandpa would have been thrilled!)  It's unbelieveable Ronnie,  I'm so thankful!"
I was thankful too.  So very thankful that God would allow me the privilege and opportunity to share in one of His little miracles.

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