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Paper bag album:

Creating albums using paper bags has become a popular and inexpensive way to scrapbook your memories!  Following is a basic guide to getting started creating paper bag albums complete with pictures to help inspire you.

Simple Steps to Follow in Paper Bag Album Scrapbooking

The ordinary scrapbooking materials may include variants of colored papers, paper trimmers, ribbons, fibers, and the likes. But did you ever know that lunch bags also make good scrapbooking materials? Yes, you’ve read it right. Paper bags are great medium for scrapbooking your precious memories in a creative and unique way. Unique, is it not? But have you tried it? It can be a great project and is easy to make!

*Example of front and inside pages of a paperbag album:

 Paper bag album front  Paper bag album frames

Try these steps for making your first paper bag scrapbook:

1. Lay down two or more paper bags with alternate ends. The first one will have the topmost end while the one which follows is the one with the closed part.
2. Fold the paper bags in half so you have a "spine." It makes it easiest to sew a single line up the fold line to help hold the book intact while you work on the other features.
3. Start punching holes along the binding area of the paper bag book. Do not place the eyelets here until such time that you have put on your "binding" if you choose to do one.
4. After which, you are now ready to decorate your paper bag scrapbook.

The following are the ideas for binding:

• Ties—you can use bits of ribbon, fabric or fiber that are tied into knots in each hole.
• Paper binding—a strip of coordinating paper can be used as well. The holes can be re-punched and can be added with some more binding ideas.
• Lacing ribbon—the ribbon can be laced into the holes in a zigzag position to create more effects. Then, they can meet in the middle with a bow.
• Metal binding clips—they are available in office supply stores. This is the simplest to put on to bind the pages.

The makeup of your paper bag scrapbook provides more hiding spots for journaling tags or extra pictures. For one, each of the open ends of the bag can be used as a pocket to slide tags or put pictures into. The bottom flap of the paper bag can thus be used to hide a journaling under it, it can be opened, a slit can be cut along the fold line, or a tag can be inserted herein.

*Samples of pages and tabbed pages to tuck inside paperbag.

 Paper bag album samples  Paper bag album tabs

I do need to mention that paper bags are not acid free, so keep this in mind for your next paper bag album project.  Have fun decorating your paper bag album! Let it fit into your chosen theme. They can be ideal gifts for your family members, friends, or gifts for anyone. Why not create your personalized paper bag album today?

*Samples provided by Dawn Stegall.  Dawn is a homeschooling mom of 4 girls and owner of a faithbooking resource site.  She is also a regular contributor at!

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