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Product Review: Paper Crafts Magazine


Paper Crafts Magazine is a monthly source of information for all types of people who enjoy creating with paper. This magazine would appeal to people who enjoy scrapbooking, card making, and altering regular items into something more beautiful and enjoyable to look at. They do not feature any scrapbook layouts in this magazine, but I like to use ideas I see here and incorporate them into my scrapbook layouts.

This magazine contains several topics that are covered in each issue and they are always filled with fresh, new ideas. There are also always a few seasonal or special topic sections in the magazine.


A monthly section titled "Celebrations" is full of clever ideas to use when hosting a gathering. My most recent issue (March 2006) has several cute Easter and St. Patrick's Day party ideas with examples ranging from invitations to party favors, to centerpiece ideas.

Another section titled "Gifts From the Heart" shows ideas using common items such as a vase or lunch pail that have been covered with paper, ribbons and embellishments to create a great gift or item to decorate your home. My favorite idea in this section this month was to buy four glass soda bottles in the cardboard case with the handle. You will need to drink the soda, rinse the bottles and create new labels for the bottleswith your paper supplies and cover the carrying case with paper too. The bottles are then filled with candy. This would make a fun birthday gift or centerpiece.

This month there was an article on mass-producing cards in five steps or less and another article challenging the reader to find new ways to use up some of the older products they have in the back of their drawers.

A great resource in this magazine is the last page where many quotes relating to seasons or celebrations are listed for your use in greeting cards or on a scrapbook page.

The readers submit the projects. If you are interested in submitting your work you can visit Paper Crafts Website

All of the projects list the materials that were used, the name of the designer, and easy to follow instructions that you can use to recreate the project.

There are always a couple of contests that you can enter with details about the prizes. I haven't won yet, but I'll keep trying. You can enter the contests and gather more information about this magazine at

Overall, I think that this is a nice source of paper crafting ideas and I would recommend this magazine to a friend.

***Product review by Lisa Andrews.  Lisa loves to scrapbook and tries to work on some sort of scrapbook related project every day. She's co-owner of Scrapbook Circle, a monthly scrapbook kit club. You can also find Lisa blogging at


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