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Organized Photos: Save Your Photos and Your Sanity


Have you tried again and again to get your photos organized but
somehow always fall short of the goal?

You're in for a treat.

What if you had the opportunity to learn firsthand from photo
organizing experts on how to overcome the roadblocks that have
prevented you from succeeding?

Now you can learn exactly how to organize and preserve your entire
photo collection -- even if you've got decades worth of photographs
and absolutely no idea where to begin.

After hearing so many cries for help from my readers, I'm thrilled
to have finally discovered a resource where you can get answers to
all your photo organizing questions.

Christine Sutton and Tracey DuBois of know a
few things about managing photographs.  Over the past several
years, Chris and Tracey have helped countless people organize,
protect, and enjoy their precious photographs.

Not only are Chris and Tracey the producers of the acclaimed,
"Treasure Your Memories" video, but they've literally 'written the
book' on organizing photographs.

Chris and Tracey spent two years uncovering every tip, every
secret, every possible method for simplifying the daunting process
of organizing and preserving photographs and memories. 

And they laid out the entire process step-by-step, so that you'll
know exactly what you need to do to keep your photos safe, and
you'll know the absolute easiest ways to get yourself organized -
once and for all!

In the e-book "Save Your Photos and Your Sanity", you'll learn:

*  How to organize your entire photo collection in as little as 10
days, even if you've got years and years' worth of photos and have
absolutely no idea where to begin!

*  Why your procrastination--and even your attempts at
organizing--may be destroying your precious photographs right now!

*  How to uncover your unique "organizing profile" so you can
arrange and display your photographs in a way that makes sense to
you, so that you can truly enjoy them.

*  How to cut through all the scientific "mumbo jumbo" of photo
safety and choose the right supplies to make sure that your photos
and negatives will be safe!

*  How to take care of all the extras - keepsakes, memorabilia and
thoughts - so you can make sure that you'll always have the
memories that give your photos their meaning.

*  What you MUST know if you are depending on digital photography
to capture and preserve your priceless memories.

This 100 page e-book will walk you step-by-step through the entire
process and give you all the answers you need so that you can
finally get your precious photographs in order - once and for all!

If you're thinking that this is going to be some dreadfully boring
read, stuffed with scientific ramblings and meticulous
organizational systems, then you can relax!

Chris and Tracey understand that the process of organizing
photographs can feel overwhelming.  (And, let's face it, boring).
That's why they use every technique they can think of to liven up
the process, and they use plenty of humor to make the process not
just manageable but enjoyable!

Remember when I said, "What if you had the opportunity to learn
firsthand from photo organizing experts how to overcome the
roadblocks that have prevented you from succeeding?"

Well now you can!

Chris and Tracey have decided to offer Save Your Photos and Your
Sanity in an e-book format so that you can be sure to have the most
up-to-date information at your fingertips.  After downloading the
e-book, you'll be able to start making progress right away.

After searching high and low for answers to help my readers conquer
their piles of photographs, I'm convinced that this information
simply isn't available anywhere else.

Chris and Tracey could charge hundreds of dollars for personally
consulting one on one.  Instead they've decided to make this
priceless information easily accessible.  As a special introductory
offer, this e-book is available to you right now for only $27.

Do yourself a favor and order within the next 24 hours so that you
can be sure to receive the special bonus pack of extras, worth $257!

Keep in mind; this is a limited time offer, so please act today.

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