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Digital Scrapbook Layout Tutorials:

Creating Navy Layout from Liberty Kit

by Oletta Branstiter

(click image for larger view)

*Suggestion: Print out instructions and have handy by your computer as you go through the steps!

  1. Download Liberty Kit to your computer.
  2. Put kit graphics in desired folder.
  3. Open graphics program (SFD3/Photoshop/etc.)
  4. Create 12x12 canvas
  5. Import Navy Whites background
  6. Size to fit canvas (small graphics like stitching can become distorted – stretch and tweak Navy Whites as needed)
  7. Import Declaration graphic
  8. Angle and stretch (when stretching and sizing a graphic, always use the corner arrow in order to maintain correct dimensions) Declaration graphic to cover most of the upper right quadrant
  9. Import Dirty Parchment graphic
  10. Place Dirty Parchment graphic in the center left of the canvas.
  11. Add text to Dirty Parchment graphic, keeping mind that only half will show.
  12. Import Tattered Navy graphic
  13. Place and size Tattered Navy graphic on left center of canvas, over Dirty Parchment with text
  14. Import photo
  15. Place photo in center of Tattered Navy graphic
  16. Import Beige Buckle graphic
  17. Place and size Beige Buckle graphic as frame over photo
  18. Import Navy Belt
  19. Angle and stretch Navy Belt from upper left to upper/middle right side of canvas
  20. Import Striped Background graphic
  21. Crop Striped Background graphic to create a thin strip, or “ribbon”
  22. Place and stretch striped ribbon over Navy Belt
  23. Import Green Buckle graphic
  24. Place and size Green Buckle graphic over right side of ribbon and belt
  25. Import Greater Love Text graphic
  26. Place and stretch Greater Love Text in lower third of canvas, above stitched blue ribbon
  27. Import Mud Splatter graphic
  28. Place and stretch Mud Splatter graphic onto Navy Whites graphic at lower right corner

*Reminder: all digital papers and elements can be used in many creative ways, including cards, tags, etc, and not just for military los!

Another layout using Liberty kit

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