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Creating Mommy & Me layout using Dirty Daisies kit

by Marli Creeach

(click image for larger view)

*Suggestion: Print out instructions and have handy by your computer as you go through the steps.

**Remember each graphics program is different and you may need to "figure something out".  Enjoy!

1. Open the following in your graphics program: daisy paper, striped paper, red and blue solid papers, cream stitching, ribbon, photo anchors,  and alphas (and don’t forget your photo!)

2.  Create a new file 12x12” and 300 dpi

3.  Duplicate the Daisies paper to your document.  This is going to be the background for your layout.

4.  Copy your photo to the Solid Blue paper and crop it so that the Blue Paper becomes the mat for your photo.  Duplicate that to your layout.

5.  Crop pieces from the solid brown (the biggest), from the striped paper and also a strip from the Solid Red paper. Duplicate all these to your layout.

6.  Arrange the papers in layers as shown in the sample layout.

7.  Duplicate the cream stitching to your layout twice and also the ribbon.

8. Arrange these so they go down the edge of your brown paper. (I put the ribbon between the stitches).

9.  Copy a photo anchor (you may need to draw a marquee box around one and copy that).  Paste onto your layout and place on top of your photo.

10.  Copy the “I love you” doodle to your layout and place above the photo as well.

11.  Copy the letters you would like to use to create your title—again, you may have to draw marquee boxes around the letter of your choice then copy and paste.   You may resize the letters according to your need; be sure to hold shift to keep the proportions.

12. Flatten all layers and save!

 Similar layout:

Dirty Daisies kit: 

Contents include:

  • 5 solid distressed papers
  • 6 patterned papers
  • 2 distressed overlays (not shown)
  • 3 brads
  • 6 photo turns  
  • 1 ribbon
  • 2 stitching
  • 1 wordart "I Love You" 

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