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Scrapbook Business: Marketing to Men

Are You Ignoring Millions of Potential Scrapbookers?

By Sue DiFranco
Copyright © 2002 Sue DiFranco/Fun Facts Publishing

Who is your target market?

Your initial response is sure to be, "Women: ages 20-80. Maybe teens, Possibly kids." This is true - but why are we ignoring millions of potential scrapbookers, people who can not only bring us business, but who also have the need to preserve their own precious memories?


Now, before you start laughing, or start reading the next article, let me state my case. There are men who scrapbook. And there are potentially TONS of men who would scrapbook, if given the opportunity. Why does scrapbooking have to be gender specific? It is an amazing blessing to be able to preserve and share our memories - why not let men in on this fantastic opportunity?

It has almost become a cliche in the scrapbooking world: the husband who is bewildered at his wife's new hobby, who doesn't understand her "obsession," who may even get upset at her purchasing so many supplies. But how many of those husbands, if approached with the same "You've got to see this!" attitude we show to WOMEN we are introducing to scrapbooking, might become intrigued?

Now I understand that many of you find scrapbooking as your time to be with, and bond with, your female friends, and that is perfectly understandable and encouraged. But as business owners, shouldn't we be looking at men as a whole new market to which we should begin catering?

The first obstacle lies in debunking the myth that men don't scrap. Luckily, we are still a fairly new industry so if we all start now, we might make progress (unlike the knitting or quilting world). Here are some suggestions:

Introduce the concept to men. Let them know of the importance of passing down their safe and treasured memories. Encourage their artistic side - some of the greatest artists in history were men. Let their canvases be scrapbook pages along with paintings.

There have been some great new products introduced designed for men, but not enough - and not as diversified as they could be. Not every man loves sports, hunting, and fishing - just as not every woman loves dolls, pastels, and tu-tus. Think beyond gender stereotypes!

Invite men to crops and classes - and not just "mens only" crops. Don't bring attention to the fact that the men are present - if you embarrass them, you can be sure it's the last time they will scrap. Which leads us to...

Celebrate, don't embarrass, men who scrap. My fiance was wearing one of our "I Scrap, Therefore I Am Obsessed" t-shirts at a recent convention, and a woman said to him, "No, you're not." He said, "What?" She said, "You're not obsessed - you don't scrap." Quite the contrary, actually - Michael does scrap, right alongside of me. In fact, he's getting to be even more into it than I am! Proof with photos from the one of the crops we have attended.

Market to all men - not just partners of scrapbookers. Do a direct mail piece. Contact your local media about the "new market" for scrapbooking. Gear your online marketing (message boards, links, ads) to men. And talk to them! Let them know the benefits, the rewards, of scrapbooking. Treat them as your scrapbooking equals and watch a whole new market unfold.

As I said, scrapbooking is a gift to be shared. We are in the position of sharing it - so why not share it with another gender?

For much more on expanding your marketing to men, teens, various cultures and religions, and more, please see our book, Scrapbook U-Diversity: Redefining The Scrapbooking Industry.


Sue DiFranco is the founder of Fun Facts Publishing and the author of more than a dozen books on building and marketing scrapbooking businesses and services. To learn more about how to turn your scrapbooking passion into profit, visit to read a library of FREE information and get started today! 

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