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Faithbooking or Christian scrapbooking has really started to gain popularity over the past year.  In the article below, Dawn Stegall explains the what is and whys of faithbooking.  Learn more about how you can incorporate your faith into your scrapbooks!

Faithbooking: Scrapbooking your Faith!

By: Dawn Stegall

What is faithbooking? While there are different definitions of what faithbooking means, it is simply incorporating your
faith throughout your scrapbooks. A few common meanings may include:

A means to express our faith.
A journey of faith.
The ability to capture life’s lessons that God teaches us.
An eternal legacy for our children.
A witnessing tool.
An incredible, permanent reminder of our God Moment and His hand in our lives.
Scripture, thoughts, prayers, blessings, memories, letters, and stories combines with our photographs to always remember our personal and spiritual journey with the Lord.

Why should you start faithbooking? Because we are commanded to. Throughout the Bible, we are commanded to remember. Remember the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord. Psalm 78:4 We are also told to teach. Teach them to your children...Dt. 4:9 Teach them the right way to live...1 Kings 8:36 There are many more scripture verses that tell us to remember and teach. What better way to remember and to teach then with faithbooking! Remember and teach through your journaling and scripture verses then enhance with photos and embellishments.

If you currently scrapbook, don’t wait to finish your current scrapbook album to start faithbooking. For me, they are one in the same. I like to incorporate my faith throughout my scrapbooks as one. They are not two separate projects. Always start your faithbook in prayer. Then you can start simply by adding scripture and verses to capture the theme of the layout and then progress into journaling more thought provoking faith questions.

If scrapbooking is not your thing, then consider keeping a journal. Express your feelings on paper and then share the portions you want with others as you feel led. Remember there is not a right or wrong way to faithbook-just get started today!

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