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Are you looking for a fun way to add dimension to your scrapbooking layouts?  Doodling is the hottest new trend in scrapbooking, and the best part is --- it just takes a little imagination, a pencil and a pen.

Doodling for scrapbooking is exactly what it sounds like. Circles, squiggles, curly-cues, swirls and lines add fun and whimsy to scrapbooking layouts. Doodling helps fill in empty space in a layout and is an inexpensive and elegant way to create interest. You most likely have all the tools you’ll ever need for doodling; a pencil and a pen.

You can play around with the color of the doodling pens to add different looks to your layouts. Tone-on-tone doodling (such as using a dark green pen on medium green paper) adds flourish without taking away from your other design elements. Contrasting doodling (think pink on white paper) will add visual punch to a design. You can also try using several different coordinating colors within the same doodle for more interest.         

Doodling Layout        Another Doodling layout

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To flex your creative muscle, practice doodling on scraps of paper to get design ideas. Try curly and creative doodles to accent round corners and round embellishments. Geometric shapes and decorative lines can coordinate with straight edged designs. You can even doodle small decorative elements, like flowers, butterflies and stars if you are more creative.

Doodling is a free-form style of drawing, but just to be safe, it is recommended that you draw your doodle on the page in pencil first. This way you can make sure that your doodling design is balanced and proportioned to the rest of your page. Once you are satisfied, trace over your pencil lines with your pen. Finally, erase any remaining pencil lines

This trend is also entering the world of stamping. Many stamp manufacturers are producing doodle-inspired designs. These stamps allow you to give the doodle look to your layouts in one simple step. Doodle-inspired stamps are a great purchase because they can be used on a wide variety of layouts.

Digital scrapbookers can even add doodling to their layout designs. There are two main ways to incorporate doodling into a digital scrapbook page. If you have a digital drawing tablet, you can create your own digital doodles to use in many layouts. There are also many websites that offer digital doodles to download and use.

Finally, you can use doodling to create your own custom background papers and mats. Try filling a solid color piece of paper with hand drawn doodles or doodle styled stamps. Use a tone-on-tone coloring so the pattern will blend with the paper and not distract from your pictures. This is a great way to use doodling on a larger scale.

I think the biggest thing when it comes to doodling, is to just have fun with it!  Doodling isn't meant to be perfect but an extension of your personality and creativity.

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