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Do you spend more time shopping for the right scrapbook supplies than you do scrapbooking?  Have you thought about planning your pages?  Are you thinking "I don't want to plan, I prefer spontaneous scrapbooking!"  Well, take a look at the following article and learn how to be creative while also being a planner. 

If you’re anything like me you are always in the mood to buy scrapbook supplies. There is just so much fun stuff to choose from that my wallet starts to itch when I drive by a store or see a banner ad for a new online store. The problem is I end up with a cupboard full of supplies, but nothing that fits my new layout. It’s the crafting equivalent of having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.


There are two schools of thought on scrapbook layout creation: you can take the spur of the moment approach or the planned approach. When you follow the first approach, you gather together your picture and hope that something strikes your fancy from your overflowing folders of paper, stickers and embellishments. You pray the inspiration will hit you like a lightening bolt from above. While you sift through your former purchases, you wonder…just what was this purple zebra paper going to match with? Why did I buy these lace stickers? What will I ever use this kangaroo die cut for?


The spur of the moment approach sometimes helps you strike layout gold, but it also just as often results in frustration and buyer’s remorse. The more planned approach is what I’ve grown to prefer. This technique still allows me to be creative, but it also makes my layouts more streamlined, speeds up my scrapbooking time and saves money to boot!


To adapt the planned layout approach, you don’t really need any supplies, although I have found it helpful to have clear sleeves or pockets in my scrapbook page size. Before I make my trip to the scrapbook supply store or on to my favorite scrapping website, I take a look at what is next on my scrapbooking agenda. I lay out the pictures on a white piece of paper and decide what I need. Depending on my level of creativity that particular afternoon, I may flip through some idea books.


Once I have an idea of the direction that I want to go, I’ll go through my supplies and look for additional inspiration. Any paper, stickers or embellishments that fit my theme will be placed with the pictures. I start to arrange the layout and then take notice of what I am missing. Sometimes it may be just one design element. Other times I’ll have a perfect sticker for the pictures and nothing else. I make a list on a post-it note, and then put my partially assembled page into a clear 12 x 12 sleeve.


Now I’m ready to shop! If I’m shopping locally, I’ll take the sleeves with me so I can check color combinations. While shopping online, I keep the sleeves handy and mark off my purchases on the post it notes as I go along. This way, I buy what I need to complete several layouts. I normally do a month’s worth of pictures at a time so I only need to go shopping once for several layouts. At the end of my shopping, I have 12 or more pages ready to layout and make, with all of my necessary embellishments at hand.


It does take more time than running whilly-nilly through the store and buying anything that inspires you, but I’ve found my crops go much faster and I’m more satisfied with my purchases. Try it today!


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